Garage Hooks Multipurpose Heavy Duty Wall Hooks For Ladder, Bike, Shed Storage ( Pack of 6, 8, 10, 12 )

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About this item

  • 💪 IDEAL GARAGE HOOKS { 6, 8, 10,12 } PCS HEAVY DUTY HOOKS – Multipurpose Wall Hooks Heavy Duty for Indoor & Outdoor Enabling you to sort out your hooking & lifting requirements ever so sturdily, our premium quality Garage Hooks offer a magnificent usability. These Hooks offer next level garage storage solutions and with the virtue of their fine manufacturing and finishing, these ladder Hooks tend to keep up their shape for a longlasting run.

  • 💪 MULTI-SIZED & MULTI-PACKAGES: Since we fully understand that you could require to lift up different weight strengths in different time so there are numerous types of hooks that come with our Brand New Heavy Duty Hooks. From 4x small hooks for upto 30kg, 2x medium hooks for 15kg to 2x large hooks for items upto 15kg, we have it all covered for you with J & U shaped hooks.

  • 💪 THOROUGHLY VERSATILE: Regardless of your needs for lifting and holding shovel, broom, electric tools, stairs, bikes, general equipment or any other item, these Premium Garage Hooks tend to work tremendously well while being perfect for storage in Garages, Stores, Cellars or Sheds etc.

  • 💪 VIGOROUS HOLD : In order to make these fantastic Shed Hooks stay stable, we only utilized most reliable non-slip rubber holds so that not only sheer stability could be rendered but at the same time, security & protection factor of your precious belongings could be ensured as well.

  • 💪 MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SCREWS : The whole package of Power Tool Storage Hooks features wide threaded in order to use them on robust wall, not only that, it also comes with expansion anchors dedicated for wooden, brick or cement walls.

  • 💪 AMAZINGLY RELIABLE & COST -EFFECTIVE : On the basis of flawless manufacturing backed up with powerful features, these Ladder Hooks are ideally reliable and backed up with a cost-efficient perspective to avoid any financial burden.

  • ✔️ GARAGE STORAGE WALL MOUNTING SOLUTION => Hanging a Long Ladder => Hanging a Bike => Hanging a Garage Tools etc ...

  • ✔️ WOODEN/BRICK CONCRETE WALL : 1. Drill a Hole ( 6 - 12 mm Diameter ) 2. Bang The White Plastic Anchor in 3. Twist The Metal Narrow Thread Screw in.

  • ✔️ INCLUDED : ✅ 20 PCS Steel Screws ✅ 20 PCS Wall-Plugs ✅ 20 PCS Nylon Screws

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